Stop Being So Clever

One of my favorite things about software engineering is the short feedback loop. It is one of very few professions that allow you to postualte, implement »

HTTP in Unity

I just spent the past month building the new version of our Playnomics PlayRM SDK for Unity. Unity is designed to be a cross-platform write-once, deploy-everywhere »

Heading West: From Chicago Consultant to San Francisco Startup

Consulting Bliss I graduated from Northwestern University, and unlike many of the people in generation, I was lucky enough to have a job secured when I »

Enterprise Software Sucks

Why does Enterprise Software suck so much? It's pretty hard not to see how quickly computing technologies, and even their accompanying software languages and frameworks have »

Improve Your Career and Life, Learn a Programming Language

Software is Eating the World, and You Should Join In Marc Andreessen stated last year that "software is eating the world." While the rapid growth of »

Display None Bottlenecks in Internet Explorer

While Internet Explorer has certainly improved in recent years, it still can still be a nightmare to work with. If you ask any web developer they »